Teachers know their pupils well and plan effectively so that lessons are interesting and engaging- OFSTED 2013

Parents, Teachers, Government, Inspectors and Children all agree that school is more than learning the curriculum. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is the term used to embrace this broader dimension. It ranges from teaching in RE, PSHEE and Citizenship through to assemblies, charity work, cultural awareness days and a wide range of extra curricular and out of school activities. All National Curriculum subjects provide opportunities to promote pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. A significant contribution is also made by school ethos, effective relationships throughout the school, collective worship, and other curriculum activites.

Spiritual development
Pupils' spiritual development involves the growth of their sense of self, their unique potential, their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and their will to achieve. As their curiosity about themselves and their palce in the world increases, they try to answer for themselves some of life's fundamental questions. They develop the knowledge skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to foster their own inner lives and non-material wellbeing.

Moral development
Pupils' moral development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of the difference between right and wrong and of moral conflict, a concern for others and the will to do what is right. They are able and willing to reflect on the consequences of their actions and learn how to forgive themselves and others. They develop the knowledge, skills and understanding, qualities and attitudes they need in order to make responsible moral decisions and act on them.

Social development
Pupils' social development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of the responsibilites and rights of being members of families and communities (Local, national and global), and an ability to relate to others and to work with others for the common good. They display a sense of belonging and an increasing willingness to participate. They develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to make an active contribution to the democratic process in each of their communities.

 Cultural development
Pupils' cultural development involves pupils acquiring an understanding of cultural traditions and an ability to appreciate and respond to a variety of aesthetic experiences. They acquire a respect for their own culture and that of others, an interest in others' ways of doing things and curiosity about differences. They develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, qualities and attitudes they need to understand, appreciate and contribute to culture

SMSC events at Hall Mead School


  • Weekly Assemblies led by Directors of Faculties and Senior Leaders. They choose a theme linked to something spiritual, moral, social and cultural.
  • SMSC provided for all tutors 'Something Spiritual' 'Somethings Moral' 'Something Social' 'Something Cultural'. These can be philosophical in nature or linked to an awareness day or festival or any aspect of SMSC. They can be videos, music, pictures or question based.
  • A weekly quiz is provided for form tutors focusing on news stories of the week.
  • The Thunk Board. Mobile blackboard travels round the school with an intriguing question of a spiritual, moral, social or cultural nature.
  • Link with St Luke's Church - Youth Pastor comes in to take assemblies each term
  • Tutor Group Charities - most forms have selected a charity to support this year. Common charities are Help for Heroes, Great Ormond Street and Various cancer charities.

Other events since September 2011

  • Year 11 visit to Queen's Theatre - Safe Drive Stay Alive
  •  Year 7 Carol Concert at St Luke's Church
  • Year 7/All Orison Prayer Spaces. Year 7 to take part in curriculum time; rest of school invited at break and lunchtimes
  • Year 8 Bollywood Day
  • Year 9 Sweet Love workshops - Sexual Bullying
  • Year 9 speaker Paul Hannaford - extended assembly
  • Chapman House - Head boy and friends leg waxing for Help for Heroes
  • Whole school non-uniform Days for Tutors Charities, Sports Relief and Cancer Research UK
  • Commemoration of Saints Days in Foyer and through SMSC readings/Kitchen menu
  • Fundraising for World AIDS day and Remembrance Sunday Poppy Appeal
  • Chinese New Year celebrations in Foyer and Kitchen

Future activites planned for this Year

  • Skills Swap with HOPWA House Age concern
  • Hosting World Cultural Exhibition in June
  • Prayer Spaces as part of School Olympic Garden Party

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