Students' behaviour and attitudes to learning are exemplary - OFSTED 2013

Hall Mead School consciously seeks to provide a caring atmosphere within which each pupil can prosper. This depends on mutual respect, self-discipline and a willingness to work with others. The Academy places great emphasis on the traditional values of courtesy, tolerance and diligence.

Form Tutors are responsible for the welfare and discipline of their pupils and for monitoring their educational progress. The work of the tutors within each house is supported and coordinated by a Senior House Tutor. It is the Senior House Tutor with whom parents normally make the first contact. Pupils' Houses provide their support network, ensure they follow the Academy's rules and form their teams for the vibrant House competitions that run throughout the year. The Houses are Chapman, Dickens, Talbot and Waltham.


 House Senior House Tutors    House Colour   
Chapman Gary Lewis


Dickens Jemma Dockrill / Dino Shaheed


Talbot Jason Swan


Waltham Steve Morritt                            


Disciplinary sanctions, including detention and - in rare cases - exclusion, are used as appropriate. However, staff believe strongly that praise and encouragement are powerful motivators which should be used whenever possible.

The Academy's pastoral care, behaviour and discipline, and anti-bullying policies are all available on request.

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